23 year old sports loving artist from Fife, Scotland.

I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil, it's all I've really done since then. I grew up constantly drawing cartoons and creating characters/stories and have since gone on to graduate with a degree in Illustration from The University of Dundee.

I really found my interest in art however, when I began going to hockey in 2013. I tend to get a lot of questions about how I got into hockey being from Scotland and that comes down entirely to my family. My grandad has been supporting my local team, the Fife Flyers, for over 50 years. My parents both loved the sport and eventually so did I, and I couldn't have fell more in love with it. I quickly ended up going to every home game. In the photo below you'll see my seat - right behind the team bench, I absolutely love it. Lets just hope the puck never hits my drawing hand, I swear it gets closer every week...

About a year into supporting Fife I decided to try drawing a portrait of one of the players. I'd never drawn a 'realistic portrait' before this point but instantly fell in love with it. Since then I've taught myself to draw portraits, specializing in drawing sports people.

I also love golf as both my parents work within the sport and I've worked at The Open for 5 years now. I've brought this love of the sport into my artwork too, drawing the likes of Tiger Woods and some of the recent Open Champions.

On a personal note It's helped my confidence so much, I'm an extremely shy person but since starting my sport art I've seen such an improvement within myself. I really struggled to talk or have any sort of confidence in school, I loved school and the people in it, I just never felt confident enough to speak, only really to my closest friends. That kind of made me believe that getting anywhere career wise would be really difficult. I didn't believe in myself at all. Creating my hockey art and meeting so many lovely people through it who wanted to hear what I had to say or see what I do made me believe a little bit more and help that confidence grow.

Through a lot of hard work I've somehow managed to start my own business and work for people and organisations I never believed in a million years would like my art. I've also wrote a book which is pretty personal to me, I wanted to give confidence to children who were like me, struggling with anxiety, selective mutism, other confidence problems etc and help them believe that no matter what they are going through, they can do whatever they want in life.

The biggest thank you to each and every person who has supported my art, I don't think any amount of words really helps express how much it means to me.