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Rebecca Thomson Art

Quiet - Children’s Illustrated Picture Book

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“Ellie was quiet, the shyest about.”

Shy child Ellie wonders if her voice has ran away. ‘Quiet’ follows Ellie’s imaginary adventure to find her voice, however along the way discovers it maybe isn’t as far away as she once imagined.

‘Quiet’ aims to help children struggling with confidence issues, shyness, anxiety and selective mutism understand that who they are doesn’t define them or what they can do.

Illustrated and written by Rebecca Thomson.

I struggled a lot with these issues growing up and never really understood why, I decided to make this book to help kids understand it’s okay to feel how they do without going in-depth about the subject and still being a fun, playful read. It’s something I felt I would have loved to have seen at that time in my life, so I hope it can help someone else feel a little less alone in what they are going through.
210x210mm square book
200gsm silk paper
350gsm soft touch lamination silk cover
28 pages
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